Industrial modelling

The release of an object manually created by the designer for mass production requires a CAD model. This model can be produced by a CNC machine or 3D printer.
The designer can create the prototypical reference model in any material and scale. This allows for quicker and less expensive development of the prototype. The ready prototype is scanned and saved as a CAD model, which allows for the editing of the reference model, e.g. correcting its shape, deforming, or rescaling.
The CAD model is more convenient to send to a production plant. The file can be sent in an e-mail or saved on a digital carrier.


Object scanned in 3D: Wooden table (prototype).

scanning 3d object 03 01 CAD model
scanning 3d object 03 02 Animation


Object scanned in 3D: Styrofoam armchair (prototype).

scanning 3d object 04 01 Actual image
scanning 3d object 04 02 STL file
scanning 3d object 04 03 CAD model